“Kick em while you can” is the slogan of Right Side Electric Start. Undeniably your vintage motorcycle will one day outlive your knees. 1937 to 1979 big twin owners might consider this non invasive electric start system from RSES. This device will replace the kicker cover on those 4 speed transmissions.


While all installations require a 12 volt battery (YTX-20), it is possible to retain your 6 volt battery and 6 volt charging system. Start on 12 volts and run on 6. The 12 volt must receive overnight external recharge.

A hand crafted oil tank has been designed to mimic the OEM horseshoe, provide clearance and house the 12 volt battery. All clutch actuation is via cable. The rocker clutch remains but is adapted to cable; the mousetrap is not employed but can remain in place. These changes are easily undone and are considered small sacrifices for the benefits of the electric starter.

A NEW technical approach guarantees this starter to be quicker and quieter than any other! The XL style starter motor is pre engaged with the mating gear. The pinion gear never hunts a tooth and cannot gnarl, bang, or crunch. The factory mainshaft starter clutch is cleverly employed to isolate the power transfer.


Convert with No Modifications


Models prior to 1965 can be converted with absolutely no modifications to primary drive, chassis, or sheet metal. The entire system can be easily removed without a trace to restore originality


What it Costs

The total investment in the RSES parts and all the necessary peripherals will be less than $2000. The RSES is adaptable to models through 1979 to replace parts that were lost during the chopper era.