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Subject: RE: Right Side Starter Install on '46 Knuckle Bobber
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 08:03:15 -0700




I finally got by Bobber project done and now have a couple of hundred miles on it. Can't thank you enough for the starter!!!!!! The single best mod I've put on a vintage bike! My right knee thanks you as well! I've attached some pics for your use. Note the starter button is in the dash where the dash light switch would normally go.







Check out some more pics of Chuck's bike here!

John Moulton:

"Hi Russ, Just a short note for your website review page. As a retired model maker, (metal), I am very impressed with the design, quality and execution Russ has put into his right side starter conversion. I think Russ must have taken this project on as an intellectual challenge and is keeping the sales price low so others can enjoy the fruits of his labor. I installed the complete setup, including oil tank on my '47 FL. I couldn't be happier with the conversion and Russ's service, both before and after the sale.


Many Thanks,
John Moulton, retired president, JAM Engineering Corporation"




"Thought you guys would like to see this, I put this machine together from swap meet parts a couple of years ago and didn't have enough ass to start it so its just been sitting in the back of the shop- untill I saw Russell Petersons 4speedelectricstart kit, it was easy to install and starts just like my 2005 ultra classic."


Pepper: "This unit IS the only reason I can ride this machine, I kicked as long as I could and at almost 70 I had ta give it up! It was easy to install and Russ talked me through it over the phone. It has never failed me. Old people!! get your old Pans and Knucks out of storage and start riding again."



Subject: Electric start!
Date: Tue, 4 May 2010 16:38:48 -0700

"Hi Russell, The electric start on my 62 Pan works great! I do miss my mouse trap and the looks of the kicker. Can't say I miss kicking it over though!
Larry in Vallejo, CA."

(Click here to see photos of the starter on Larry's bike!)


"I became aware of Russ and his Right Side Electric Starter while cruising the internet not long ago. Just prior to that I had suffered a badly herniated disc in my low back. I was unable to kick start any of my four Knuckleheads. I contacted Russ and he came to my rescue....... literally. At his own expense he traveled over 400 miles to install one of his starters on Black Betty, my 90 inch Knuckle. I now have two riding seasons of use on this unit. I have had no issues with the Russ's product. As a matter of fact I am helping a 77 year old friend install a Right Side Electric Starter in his custom Knucklehead sidecar rig. He hasn't been able to ride for the last several years due to circulation problems in his leg. Soon he will be enjoying the fruits of Russ's labor. There was a TV add that said 'Try it, you'll like it'. Believe me, you will!"

(John, the man who wrote the comment above, was a total stranger until we met and he agreed to test the early version of my starter. John is a very knowledgable, real Biker who created the site some time back. You may see the install of the RSES there, but more importantly enjoy a treasure trove of old HD info! You can also see the RSES in action on John's Knuck in thisYouTube video!)

Mike Torres:

"This testimonial is from a garage builder that couldn't be any happier with the knee saver right side starter. I've built 3 four speed panhead projects, this starter was installed on the mostly stock bobber project that was to be given to my wife. My biggest concern was for her to be able to restart after a stall in traffic. Well it couldn't have made this task any easier, find neutral, push button on dash, motor starts immediately. It has been on the road for over a year and since she has given birth to our new son I've been banging the hell out of it up and down the west coast from the redwood to so cal. IT HAS PERFORMED FLAWLESSLY! I currently have a pretty good limp from kicking all the old iron I love, so I will be picking up another one soon. Highly recommended equipment for the gray beard in your life that lives and breaths the old world. Get one now and keep the old iron on the road where they belong!"

See and hear the RSES in action with Mike's bikes here!

Harry H.D. Cycle Repair:

"The electric start kit is working GREAT... the customer has been riding for about two weeks... I have another customer interested...THANKS AGAIN."


Captain Bob's Bike Shop:

"Starts, every time, Russ! I'd recommend it to anyone, even install it, if they needed me to!!"


Ed Pursell:

Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 10:40:08 -0600
Subject: New finned cover

"Russ, I purchased your RSES start system for my Pan a year ago and I would like to tell you my story. I wanted to put electric start on my old pan for 2 reasons, my back was giving me troubles and I wanted to be able to ride with my wife more without kick starting troubles. I started researching diff. systems, stock conversion, a competitor system and your RSES system. I had my concerns on the look of yours but the design intrigued me. Well after speaking with you on the phone and watching your demo's I was convinced that yours was the system to use.

I received it in a very short length of time for being custom made and was amazed at the engineering that went into this system and also with the precision machine work that you do. I installed it in just a few hours and was off and running.

Now after 1 trouble free year later with 100's of starts I contacted you to tell you of my experience and find you had a new finned cover for this unit, I had to have one and I received it in the exact time you told me it would be here. It looks great and complements the look of the finned timing cover perfectly, I get lots of compliments on the looks and operation of this system because wherever I stop people want to hear it start.

Russ, Thanks again on a great system, your advice on the phone. I will recommend this RSES system to everybody. Here are a of couple pics, I hope they show your system properly.

Thanks, Ed Pursell"

(Click here to see photos of the starter on Ed's Pan!)


I would be honored for you to put this on your home page. I also have thought about contacting Easyrider about a follow up article. I would be happy for you to put a testimonial about my satisfaction about your product. I am 100% satisfied with the quality, operation of your starter. This is no mickey mouse product. Your instructions are very complete and thorough. I have been riding bike regularly for a month and get nothing but praises for the looks of starter and everyone wants for me to demonstrate how it works. Riding this bike again is one of my dreams and thanks to you, it has happened.



49 Pan featured in Easyriders 1993, resurrected with a RSES 2013


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